Audi of America

Creating a industry-first responsive design across an entire auto manufacturer's website. The Audi redesign is created on a responsive template, that host content related to the Audi brand, models, inventory, and innovation. The goal of the project is to bring Audi as the leading number one brand in the luxury automobile industry.

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Project brief

The brief was to design the R8 of websites. The Audi R8 reflects characteristics of efficiency, design, intelligen, and innovation. In response to creating this vision, this is the result of redesigning Audi of America.

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User centered design

The design process starts by understanding our target audience and defining their primary needs. We can create strategies based on users needs and create a system that adheres to and support the Audi brand.

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Collaborative process

We collaborate with not just our internal teams but also have the client be involved during the collaborative process. We provide transparancy into our agile process so issues can be solved at a earlier stage.

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Responsive platform

Creating a site with global components that can adapt to diverse screen resolutions. This allows the product to be flexible and translate down to mobile to provide a simplified rich experience for the user.


Redesigned through a responsive system, where users have access to content on all platforms. Mobile versions have the sample experience as on Desktop. We created a cinematic configurator experience while improving the JD Power scores.

Awards: FWA Mobile of the Day, FWA Site of the Day
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Audi of America



Project role

Lead UX Designer