TransLink Compass Card

The Compass Card website was designed to create a electronic payment system used for public transit in the Metro Vancouver region of British Columbia. The goal of the project was to create a seamless experience for everyday commuters, which allow users to manage fares/passes, secure payments, and protect their balance through a responsive website.

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Project brief

Design a digital fare system for everyday transit commuters that is convenient, easy-to-use, safe and secure. The system will be part of a ecosystem that communicates with all transportation modes that include SkyTrain, SeaBus, and West Coast Express.

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Customer experience

Taking the next step of user center design and creating an experience between TransLink and the customer, over the duration of their journey with the product. Working closely with the research department, interaction in this process highlight key points of awareness, discovery, cultivation, advocacy, and use of a service.

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Collaboration and usability

Taking every opportunity to collaborate with the client brands to ensure their business needs are met and highlighting user goals through usability tests and in-field research. Bringing insight that strengthen the core value of the product and delight our users with a new product they interact with everyday.

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Digital ecosystem

Creating a ecosystem that communicates with all transportation modes and digital platforms. This allows the product to be flexible and expand for the future of transit in Metro Vancouver.

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Launched the website to the general public that integrated seamlessly with the Compass ticket vending machines. Recognition from the City of Vancouver with the Award of Excellence for Business Innovation in contributing to Vancouver’s public sector growth for citizens of British Columbia.

Awards: 2014 Business Innovation Creative Award by City of Vancouver


TransLink, Compass


FCV Interactive, Vancouver

Project role

UX Architect


Public Transportation