Pearl iZUMi

Pearl iZUMi wanted to create a running shoe for the runners, not for the joggers. The goal is to help Pearl iZUMi build a unique position for the brand and break through their competition by introducing a new shoe line that involves bare foot running.

Image reference: Y's Road bike blog

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Project brief

Based on the NDA policy by CP+B, I cannot show any photographs or media content on the projects that I worked on during my employment at the agency.

How do we help Pearl iZUMi find its own unique perceptual space in the category function, fashion, and involvement in the running shoe industry.

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Research and analysis on the history and culture of running in North America was the first approach before getting right to the product. This initial research phase was to help us understand the runners and identifying the real problem for the client.

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Findings by Christopher McDougall, on his book "Born to Run", states that for 40 year's we've been creating over cushioned running shoes, which conditioned us to land on our heel. Companies are addressing the importance of bare-foot running, but they aren't addressing it properly.

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We introduced a platform concept for runners based on the revised problems. We wanted to create a platform where everything is interchangeable, washable, replaceable, and designable. This allows the runner to fully control their function, style, running form, as well as their way of thinking.

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During the final phase we presented and proposed three main elements, which is reflected from the research stated in the previous slide. The project duration was for 4 months of my internship and my role for this project focused on research, brand competition analysis, concept development, and human-centered design.


Pearl iZUMi


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Project role

Product Designer