WorkBC is the provincial government’s access point to the labour market in British Columbia. The goal was to help guide and assist British Columbian’s in exploring career options, improving their skills, and to find the right talent in growing their businesses.

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Project brief

The focus was to redesign a website that would be responsive and accessible to all job seekers in British Columbia. The WorkBC website will to communicate a vast amount of career planning services, statistics, and career information.

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Customer experience

WorkBC approached us to help find the right solution in communicating content, consolidating information, and to help map out a plan for the future of British Columbia’s labour market. We conducted research on user insight to better understand how users use the website beyond a job hunting tool.

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Collaborative and usability

Taking every opportunity to collaborate with the client brands to ensure their business needs are met and highlighting user goals through usability tests and in-field research. We brought insight to strengthen the core value of the product and delight our users with a new products they interact with everyday.

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Launched the WorkBC redesign website, we’ve experienced a 300% increase in registered employers with over 7,000 postings, and up to 400 new jobs per day. By improving the WorkBC website we simplified the registration process of posting/applying for jobs and careers, we have improved the accessibility of seeking career information, and introduced new tools on lifestyle such as Cost of Living calculators.

Awards: 2014 W3 Siler Award Winner on User Experience

Noteable Awards:

  • 2014 Strategy of the Year Finalist by VIATeC
  • 2014 Design for Experience Awards Semi-Finalist in Public Sector
  • 2014 Design for Experience Awards Semi-Finalist in Bringing Order to Big Data
  • 2014 BCTIA Technology Impact Awards.
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FCV Interactive, Vancouver

Project role

UX Architect


Labour Market, Public Sector